When I need space, I take my camera to the beach! I love sunsets and have great respect for surfing.
Shot with my Canon C100 mkII using Canon 28-300mm lens.

I love Dana Point, I often film there to test out cameras since it has a little bit of everything. This is a mix of two cameras,
Panasonic GH4 and Canon 5d mkiii RAW.

Wanted to test out my new Canon C100 mkii with the 60p, it's quite stunning actually. The camera is super clean in low light, shot mostly around 850 ISO to 1600 ISO. All shots were shot using the continuous focus dual pixel autofocus, it works great in case you're thinking about buying this camera. Canon C100 mkii footage.

For those who love drinking tea, brewing it, smelling the sweet scent is the best feeling. The sound of the kettle whistling is like music to my ears. Just a little film with my Panasonic GH4 using a 12-35mm lens.

 shot this live at American Barbershop in Santa Ana. A great place to shoot live since it was such a live room. I setup all mics, audio was recorded on a mixer and outputted into my Zoom H2 mp3 recorder.

This music video for Grupo Signa was produced by Twolight Films. Music and song rights to Signa Rock, signarock.com. All rights reserved and prohibited to post without Twolight Films and Signa written consent.

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